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I loved Wi Ha Joon in Romance Is A Bonus Book but I still have to see his follow-up drama 18 Again. His next project is the movie Midnight that also stars Jin Ki Joo (The Secret Life of My Secretary) in the lead role. The film was slated to release in 2020 but it got delayed due to COVID 19 pandemic. Now it is releasing this month in theaters as well as online platform TVING.

Midnight is a thriller that stars Jin Ki Joo as a hearing-impaired woman who works as a sign language counselor. One night, she meets a serial killer, played by Wi Ha Joon, and thus starts a game of chase and run. The plot reminds me of the taut thriller movie Hush (2016) where a hearing impaired writer struggles against a masked killer but that one had a solitary house setting and this one has a city streets setting. Midnight also stars Park Hoon (Memories of the Alhambra) — the two actors look so similar! They can definitely play brothers — as a former officer in the Marine Corps who presently works with a security company, and Kim Hye Yoon (SKY Castle) as his sister and a high school student who was the last to meet the killer by chance.

The movie seems to have potential for being a tensed and thrilling film. It is written and directed by Kwon Oh Seung for whom this is his first project.

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