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Money Heist (also known as The House Of Paper) is a Spanish TV show that has garnered huge popularity universally. The show has aired four seasons till date with its fifth and final season arriving later this year. Netflix is bringing a Korean remake of the same with Yoo Ji Tae playing the lead role of the Professor. Money Heist is a story about a grand scale heist for which the mastermind recruits and trains a team to perform this huge task.

The Korean remake will star Yoo Ji Tae as the mastermind aka The Professor. If you are aware of the original characters, Park Hae Soo (Prison Playbook) plays Berlin, Jeon Jong Seo, of The Call fame and who is starring in her first drama role, plays Tokyo, Lee Won Jong (Delayed Justice) plays Moscow, Kim Ji Hoon (Flower of Evil) plays Denver, Jang Yoon Joo (Perfume) plays Nairobi, Lee Hyun Woo (The Liar and His Lover) plays Rio and Kim Yoon Jin (Lost, Shiri, Ms. Ma, Nemesis) has been cast to play the team leader of the police force’s crisis negotiations division, with Kim Sung Oh (A Korean Odyssey) playing a former special agent.

I have seen Part 1 of Money Heist but couldn’t find time to watch the remaining seasons. I have to say it’s a ride full of twists and turns, laced with thrills and drama. The Korean remake has an exciting cast and I’m looking forward to it. Bonus — it’s being adapted by the writer of thriller dramas like Liar Game and Psychopath Diary.

The broadcast date has not been confirmed yet.

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