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Oh I love this cast combination! JTBC is bringing a new drama called My Liberation Diary (also going by title Will This Be My Liberation) and has confirmed Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Lee El and Son Seok Koo in the lead roles. The show will tell the story about three siblings who reside in a town and a stranger who comes to this town. Interesting.

The siblings in question — Lee El plays the eldest — I always love her performance (Liar Game, Goblin, A Korean Odyssey) — she is a woman who thinks she wasted her youth going to and coming from Seoul for work everyday and is in search of love. Lee Min Ki plays the middle child — I loved him in Dalja’s Spring and recently in Because This Life Is Our First — he is an ambition-less man who is immature but also logical and he once dreamed of moving to Seoul for an exciting life. Lastly, Kim Ji Won (Fight My Way, Lovestruck in the City) plays the youngest — she is an introvert who finally decides to do something about her uninteresting and lonely life. Son Seok Koo — loved him in Be Melodramatic and I was waiting eagerly for his new project — plays an enigmatic and charming man who comes to this town.

I find this whole setup really intriguing. Before reading the synopsis, I thought we have two couples but I was so wrong! In addition to the cast, the other thing that made me excited was the writer who has penned acclaimed shows like My Mister, I Live in Cheongdam Dong and Oh Hae Young Again. Another interesting trivia — Lee Min Ki and Kim Ji Won have previously worked together in period comedy movie Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead (2018), and Lee El and Son Seok Koo worked together as a married couple in drama Matrimonial Chaos (2018).

My Liberation Diary is planned for a 2022 premiere. Can’t wait!