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First Impressions: Was It Love?

Was It Love? has already aired 4 episodes so I’m a bit late on my first impressions. But I have good news! The drama is quite compelling with its story about a single mother trying to fulfil her dream of becoming a movie producer against all odds. Usually we have dramas with 2 male leads vying for the heroine’s affection but this show beats all, with a total of 4 men to woo the heroine! Continue reading

The lovely soundtrack of Melo Is My Nature aka Be Melodramatic

I watched Melo Is My Nature (also known as Be Melodramatic) a few days back and I absolutely loved it. The soundtrack was among the prime factors for loving this drama. So here is the list of songs that are on loop since I first heard them, and some grew on me as I watched this lovely, low-key show. Continue reading

New Premieres: My Country, Extraordinary You, The Tale of Nokdu

Apologies for lack of posts for past few days! I didn’t get time to write about some new shows that premiered in last few days so here it is, a summarised version of all: Continue reading

Youth drama ‘A Moment At Eighteen’ premieres today on JTBC

A Moment At Eighteen is the new drama on JTBC premiering today in the slot of Mondays and Tuesdays. I love the youthful and warm, summery vibe it is giving. So refreshing! The show is about the lives of 18 year olds. Nothing new but can definitely be good if done well. The drama tells about the innocence and passion of that age. Continue reading

New Premiere: ‘Aide’ aka ‘Chief Of Staff’ with Lee Jung Jae and Shin Min Ah

JTBC just premiered political drama Aide as its new weekend show and it surely boasts a powerful star cast with names like Lee Jung Jae, Shin Min Ah and a lot of terrific supporting actors. The drama also has another name mentioned at a lot of places, Chief Of Staff. I’m Continue reading