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Happy New Year everyone!

New year, new dramas! January is bringing 6 brand new Korean dramas for us which cover a variety of genres. So without further ado, here is the list:

Ghost Doctor

Premiere Date: January 3

Network: tvN

Stars: Rain (Full House), Kim Bum (Law School), UEE (High Society), Son Na Eun (Twenty Again)

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Genre: Fantasy, Medical

About: Two doctors with opposite personalities and how the soul of one enters the body of the other.

Thoughts: The tone looks very funny and slapstick and I love Rain a lot. But I’m not a fan of medical dramas in general (with Hospital Playlist being an exception). But because of the good points, in addition to the writer of applauded Live Up To Your Name, I think I might give this one a try.


Premiere Date: January 7

Network: MBC/ Wavve

Stars: Im Si Wan (Run On), Son Hyun Joo (The Good Detective), Go Ah Sung (Life on Mars)

Slot: Friday & Saturday

Genre: Thriller

About: The National Tax Service where a determined team works towards capturing those who are responsible for tax evasion.

Thoughts: I love this cast. It would be a refreshing role for Im Si Wan too. But the central theme of tax service department doesn’t sound too intriguing. The writer has penned shows like Falsify in the past.

Dr. Park’s Clinic / Internal Medicine Director Park

Premiere Date: January 14

Network: TVING

Stars: Lee Seo Jin (Times), Ra Mi Ran (Reply 1988)

Slot: Friday & Saturday

Genre: Comedy

About: A doctor who wants to be an efficient doctor but also wants to earn money through his practice — but he fails as his clinic is not doing well.

Thoughts: This one looks very refreshing in terms of concept and main characters. It’s based on a 2020 webcomic. Looks like a humorous and motivating tale. And it has the amazing Ra Mi Ran!

Through the Darkness

Premiere Date: January 14

Network: SBS

Stars: Kim Nam Gil (The Fiery Priest ), Jin Sun Kyu (Kingdom)

Slot: Friday & Saturday

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

About: South Korea’s first criminal profiler who struggles to understand the minds and hearts of serial killers.

Thoughts: Intriguing! It’s based on a non fiction novel. The ‘true story’ factor is surely appealing. Plus, the 90s vibe and great cast make this drama something I’m looking forward to.

All of Us Are Dead

Premiere Date: January 28

Network: Netflix

Stars: Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Jo Yi Hyun

Slot: All episodes released together

Genre: Horror, Zombie

About: A group of high school students who are trapped in the school during a zombie virus outbreak.

Thoughts: I love horror genre but I’m not a fan of Zombie sub genre. But there can be exceptions and the premise does have the potential to be an adventurous and tension-filled ride. The drama is based on a webcomic. It comes from the writer of Chuno and Fugitive Plan B, so we can definitely expect a great mix of fun and thrills.

Rookie Cops

Premiere Date: January 26

Network: Disney+

Stars: Kang Daniel (of KPOP group Wanna One), Chae Soo Bin (I’m Not a Robot)

Slot: All episodes released together

Genre: Coming of age, Drama, Romance

About: A group of new students at a police academy and their dreams.

Thoughts: First things first — I love Chae Soo Bin. She is just so adorable. The show sounds cute too. It’s one of the first Korean dramas to be broadcast on Disney+.