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I’m stoked for new JTBC drama Forecasting Love And Weather — it stars two charming leads, Park Min Young and Song Kang, and the plot sounds like a typical workplace romance but totally my cup of tea. It has Korea Meteorological Administration as its backdrop.

I love the role reversal of the main leads from the usual rom-com dynamics and personalities — Park Min Young (Her Private Life) plays an intelligent and highly organised general forecaster who follows all the rules in life. Song Kang (Nevertheless) plays a free spirited reporter, but a fresh spin to him is his obsession with weather. Yoon Park (Birthcare Center) plays Park Min Young’s character’s quick-witted ex and an informant of spokesperson’s office. Yura, of Kpop group Girl’s Day and dramas like Radio Romance, rounds out the cast as seemingly arrogant daily weather reporter.

Forecasting Love And Weather was previously titled Cruel Story of Office Romance. It starts on February 12 on JTBC in the slot of Saturday & Sunday. JTBC is one more reason to be excited about as the channel usually brings well written dramas with fresh execution. The show is helmed by the PD of When The Camellia Blooms.

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