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A new fantasy romance is arriving on KBS today, titled Jinxed At First (also, Jinx’s Lover), that stars Na In Woo as a fish seller who is a kind man but always has bad luck in his life. His meets a woman, played by Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, one day and his life changes. The woman has a special ability of seeing a person’s future via touch. She is from a rich family but has been put in captivity due to this ability. She escapes one day and meets the hero.

I do like the plot which sounds cute and amusing. The story of a rich person who is kept away from normal life and suddenly given ‘fish out of water’ arc is nothing new but has enough room for adorable and funny escapades. The fantasy element certainly adds freshness to it.

Jinxed At First is penned by the writer of movies like Cheer Up, Mr. Lee, The Cat and Scarlet Innocence but it’s based on a webcomic. Na In Woo is also starring in another currently airing drama, Cleaning Up and he received popularity with shows like Mr. Queen and River Where the Moon Rises. Seohyun has previously starred in dramas like Time and Private Lives.

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