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I adore Lee Na Young. Her understated style of acting is incredible. The actress was last seen in 2019 drama Romance Is A Bonus Book and she has confirmed her comeback with Wavve drama Travel Diary Of Park Ha Kyung (also, Park Ha Kyung’s Travels).

The drama follows titular character Park Ha Kyung, played by Lee Na Young, a high school arts teacher. The show is about the ways in which she spends her day off — 8 one-day trips on Saturdays in 8 episodes. She gets to experience unforgettable moments during these trips. Those moments would be full of laughs, fun, love, humanity and emotions.

Travel Diary Of Park Ha Kyung comes from the writer and director of acclaimed movie Samjin Company English Class (2020) that featured Go Ah Sung, Esom and Park Hye Soo in lead roles. Interestingly, Lee Na Young did a similar title movie Please Teach Me English back in 2003.

The drama sounds like a sweet slice of life tale. It would start filming in October for a 2023 premiere.

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