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I was already interested in Netflix drama Glitch because of its cast but the plot is intriguing too. It’s headlined by Jeon Yeo Bin (loved her in Be Melodramatic and Vincenzo) and Nana (haven’t seen her in anything but have read lots of good things about her) and is a sci-fi drama that involves aliens. Bonus: it has only 10 episodes. Nana was last seen in drama Oh! Master and in a cameo in currently airing Love In Contract. She is from Kpop group After School.

Glitch stars Jeon Yeo Bin as a woman with a stable career and relationship, with an extraordinary ability of seeing aliens that she tries to ignore. One day, her boyfriend disappears mysteriously which leads her to her childhood friend, played by Nana, a streamer who is always looking for aliens and mystery surrounding them. They are also helped by the members of a UFO club.

The drama is penned by the writer of Extracurricular (2020). Glitch premiered this week on September 7 and has released all 10 episodes for a marathon!