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The premise of tvN’s new drama Under The Queen’s Umbrella (or The Queen’s Umbrella) sounds so refreshing. It is a historical drama about a queen who wants to properly educate her troublemaking sons in order to make them capable of becoming king, while the concubines are vying for the power too for their sons’ future.

Kim Hye Soo stars as the titular Queen — quite a departure from her recent roles in shows like Hyena and Juvenile Justice. Ok Ja Yun (Big Mouth) plays one of the most respected concubine while Kim Ga Eun (Because This Is My First Life) stars as another concubines who is cute and lively. Choi Won Young (Alice) stars as the kind and sincere King and Kim Hae Sook (Hospital Playlist) plays his mother Queen Dowager.

The drama is going for a witty vibe and the plot looks different from usual sageuks that populate dramaland. Under The Queen’s Umbrella premieres today on tvN as well as Netflix. It’s helmed by the PD of Twenty Again and About Time. I love the posters — so artistic!