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The upcoming TVING drama Yonder looks whimsical and dreamy. The premise explains why. It’s about a virtual reality world, set in the future, where one can live forever without death. The leads are Shin Ha Kyun (Beyond Evil, Brain) and Han Ji Min (One Spring Night, Our Blues ). Another notable thing — the drama is helmed by Lee Joon Ik, the director of acclaimed movies like The King And The Clown (2005), Sunny (2008) and Dongju: The Portrait Of A Poet (2016).

Shin Ha Kyun plays a grieving man, a reporter at Science M, whose wife died of cancer and he is unable to move on. One day, he receives a message from his wife to meet her in a virtual reality world, made from her memories before her death. So he leaves his body to reunite with her there. The show would explore the themes of life and death, and memories and oblivion, and happiness and sorrow. This virtual world is called Yonder and the wife signed a contract before her death for the reunion with her husband later on there. The show also stars Lee Jung Eun (Parasite, Our Blues) and Jung Jin Young (My Unfamiliar Family).

Yonder will have a total of only 6 episodes and it premieres this Friday on October 14. It is also going by the title Beyond The Memory.