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Yoon Kye Sang has confirmed a black comedy as his next drama, titled Day Of Kidnapping. It is based on a 2019 novel. It’s a story about a clumsy kidnapper and an 11 year old genius girl he kidnaps.

Yoon Kye Sang plays a poor man with a warm heart who desperately needs money for his daughter’s operation. In this desperation, he decides to kidnap a rich 11 year old girl who is extremely smart. Things obviously don’t go as planned.

The actor recently starred in fantasy drama Kiss Sixth Sense. I have only seen him one show so far and totally loved him in it — The Greatest Love (2011).

Day Of Kidnapping is penned by the writer of movies Wonderful Nightmare (2015) and Cheese In The Trap (2018). It will be helmed by the PD of shows like Kingdom and A Model Family. The network is yet to be confirmed and the premiere is in 2023. Obviously.

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