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Happy New Year everyone!

New Year, new list of dramas! January is bringing a wide variety of Korean shows to choose from. So without further ado, let’s have a look!

Brain Works / Brain Cooperation

Premiere Date: January 2

Network: KBS

Stars: Jung Yong Hwa (The Package), Cha Tae Hyun (My Sassy Girl), Kwak Sun Young (Behind Every Star), Ye Ji Won (Still 17)

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Number Of Episodes: 16

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

About: A scientist and a detective who can’t stand each other but who join hands to solve a case involving a rare brain disease.

Thoughts: The cast is great and a buddy action-comedy is always fun to watch.


Premiere Date: January 6

Network: SBS

Stars: Lee Sun Gyun (My Mister), Moon Chae Won (Flower Of Evil)

Slot: Friday & Saturday

Number Of Episodes: 12

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

About: A group of people who fight against a money cartel.

Thoughts: The cast is amazing but I’m kind of done with legal/corruption dramas for now.


Premiere Date: January 7

Network: JTBC

Stars: Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice), Jo Sung Ha (Memorist)

Slot: Saturday & Sunday

Number Of Episodes: 16

Genre: Drama, Workplace

About: The journey of a woman working in an advertising company who is the first ever female executive to reach the highest position in the company.

Thoughts: This one looks really interesting and inspiring. Plus, Lee Bo Young in a fierce role!

Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist 2

Premiere Date: January 11

Network: tvN & Netflix

Stars: Kim Min Jae (Dali And The Cocky Prince), Kim Hyang Gi (Moment At Eighteen), Kim Sang Kyung (Racket Boys)

Slot: Wednesday & Thursday

Number Of Episodes: 10

Genre: Historical, Medical, Romance

About: A well known royal family physician who gets expelled from the royal court and who subsequently ends up in a strange and beautiful village. This is Part 2 of the drama.

Thoughts: I have not seen part 1 and didn’t read many good reviews about it. So a pass for me.

Crash Course in Romance

Premiere Date: January 14

Network: tvN & Netflix

Stars: Jeon Do Yeon (The Good Wife), Jung Kyung Ho (Hospital Playlist), Shin Jae Ha (My Unfamiliar Family)

Slot: Saturday & Sunday

Number Of Episodes: 16

Genre: Comedy, Romance

About: A single mom and former athlete running a side dish store who gets involved with a star instructor in Korea’s top private education sphere.

Thoughts: I’m so excited for this one. It is just my cup of coffee and the leads are a major draw. And a rom-com with characters of age around 40+ — yes please!

Season of Kokdu / Kokdu: Season of Deity

Premiere Date: January 27

Network: MBC

Stars: Kim Jung Hyun (Mr. Queen), Im Soo Hyang (Doctor Lawyer)

Slot: Friday & Saturday

Number Of Episodes: 16

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Medical

About: The love story between a grim reaper who comes to earth every 99 years for 49 days and a doctor with mysterious abilities.

Thoughts: Kim Jung Hyun’s comeback! He was swoony and so good in Mr. Queen. But I hope the medical genre (*yawns*) has less influence on the show.

Can We Be Strangers?

Premiere Date: January 18

Network: ENA

Stars: Kang So Ra (Misaeng), Jang Seung Jo (The Good Detective)

Slot: Wednesday & Thursday

Number Of Episodes: 12

Genre: Comedy, Romance

About: Two ex-spouses who somehow start working together as they are both divorced lawyers.

Thoughts: This one looks sexy and stylish! And Kang So Ra is coming back! Yay!

Chronicles of Crime / Bait

Premiere Date: January 27

Network: Coupang Play

Stars: Jang Geun Suk (You’re Beautiful), Heo Sung Tae (Adamas), Lee Elijah (Chief Of Staff)

Slot: Friday

Number Of Episodes: 6

Genre: Thriller

About: A detective who tries to find out the truth behind a past unsolved case using the present cases.

Thoughts: I really liked Jang Geun Suk in You’re Beautiful and I’m excited to see him in this role which looks very different from his previous roles. The plot sounds interesting too.