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2022 was a great drama year for me as I watched so many Korean dramas this year. And I could blog a lot more about them as compared to last few years. I even watched an older drama that was on my list for so long. All in all, a satisfactory ride! This is my 10th Year End Review — can’t believe it! Where did the time go! How did I manage to keep The Drama Corner going for so many years!

Perfect thing is I liked a lot of shows in 2022. Here is a brief summary of my thoughts:

Dramas I Loved


Through The Darkness

One of the best dramas of 2022, Through The Darkness traces the journey of Crime Behavior Analysis Team in South Korea. Dark, sometimes disturbing and a thrilling ride as we witness the journey of the protagonist, played excellently by Kim Nam Gil, full of struggles and achievements. The show captivates with its solid characters, direction, story and performances.

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Alchemy Of Souls

A swashbuckling, sweeping epic drama that has an eclectic mix of adventure, magic, romance, humor, thrills and darkness. Set in a fictional country of the past, it is a love story mixed with magic of swapping souls. The drama uses its fantasy genre efficiently, bringing exciting twists and turns with emotional moments. The cinematography is gorgeous and the show has a terrific ensemble cast. The romance is the pièce de résistance with a unique dynamics between the main leads.

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Shooting Stars

A perfect feel-good ride, brimming with fun, laughs and romance. Imbued with charming characters and excellent chemistry across the board, the show is all things sweet and colorful and cute. The drama provides a glimpse of ‘behind the scenes’ of the entertainment world. It drags a bit in the middle but the good outweighs the bore by a long shot. Amazing cast camaraderie!

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Little Women

A gripping, stylish, atmospheric and unnerving thriller, Little Women is nothing like you have seen before. The story has no similarity with the eponymous classic novel except the three sisters who grew up in poverty. This is a tale of murder mystery, corruption, power of money and desperation. It perfectly delivers an oddly satisfying uneasiness about what’s to come. The drama is well written and consists of flawed characters. It does require suspension of disbelief, but it’s intriguing nonetheless. Watch it for lots of thrills and chills!

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Dramas I Liked


Reborn Rich

One of the most successful dramas of the year, Reborn Rich is a gripping tale of revenge and corporate world shenanigans. A man going back in time as a member of a rich family that killed him — the premise already makes things intriguing. The conclusion has loopholes and unclarity and there is unnecessary and boring romance track, but the relationship between the lead and grandpa is its jewel in the crown, and the constant battle of power and success is fast paced and captivating. The cast and the characters are another plus point.

Full review coming soon.

Business Proposal

A contract relationship drama that puts a fresh and funny spin on classic rom-com tropes and clichés. The drama is bubbly and charming and with only 12 episodes, it never gets the chance to become boring. The show gives us a double scoop of goodness with two lovely love stories. We also get spotlight for friendship. A bit predictable towards the end, Business Proposal is a perfect way to get butterflies and laughs.

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Love Is For Suckers

A friends-to-lovers story set in the world of reality shows, Love Is For Suckers has its flaws, specifically the protracted angst and a pathetic second female lead, but overall it’s entertaining, fun and easy. The show gives us one of the sweetest couples of the year, unexpected too — the secondary couple of a chef and a webtoon writer. Many characters are fun and the drama packs some introspective moments too. Frenemies involving a cold and practical PD; and a warm and sensitive PD is another highlight of the drama. The central couple is mature and candid, but their story fizzles after a promising start.

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My Liberation Notes

An intimate exploration of desires and struggles through the story of three siblings, My Liberation Notes provides calmness and quiet in this loud world. An introspective and relatable slice of life drama, there is poignancy and humour too. But ultimately, the show does not satisfactorily deliver what it promised at the start. It becomes repetitive, too philosophical and somewhat a whole lot of nothing by the time the journey ends. The acting is top notch and the drama surely has its magical moments.

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Dramas I found ‘Just Okay’



A really intriguing premise of twins who want to find out the killer of their step father whose murder took place 20+ years ago. The interesting plot kept me invested for the most part. But the drama lacks energy that a taut thriller requires. Not to mention the presence of loopholes and annoying prosecutor twin. There is also unnecessary violence. It really took a lot of effort for me to finish the show. I do think the show is creative in how it designed the whole angle of a puzzling and sinister mansion and the hero’s investigation of it.


Older Dramas That I Watched


My Mister / My Ajhussi

Simply brilliant! A touching story of how a middle aged man and a 20 something girl help each other to grow and heal. Terrific acting and amazing characters. The show left me misty eyed so many times. The soundtrack is beautiful!


Dramas I Dropped

Our Beloved Summer, Twenty Five Twenty One, Our Blues, Kiss Sixth Sense, Curtain Call, Love In Contract, The Law Cafe, Forecasting Love And Weather, Summer Strike, Behind Every Star, Cafe Minamdang, Soundtrack#1.


2022 dramas I plan to watch/ Currently watching

Alchemy of Souls 2, Crazy Love, Gaus Electronics, Bad Prosecutor, Good Job, Today’s Webtoon, The Forbidden Marriage, The Interest Of Love, The Fabulous, The Glory, Island