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I’m sure you must have noticed lack of activity on the blog. But real life responsibilities kept me busy. I recently caught up on few dramas that I was watching. So here is a quick update on the same!

Crash Course In Romance (2023)

Watched: 10 Episodes

This drama packs so many laughs and warmth. But also some unnecessary thriller elements – I’m glad it doesn’t overtake the main themes. I’m so happy with how Choi Chi Yeol finally finds out about the single status of Nam Haeng Seon. And yes, FINALLY! It’s so obvious that lawyer mom’s son is not the killer but please drama, don’t make Chi Yeol’s assistant the killer.

The Interest Of Love (2023)

Watched: 12 episodes

Oh this show. So much angst, so much back and forth, but I enjoy it nevertheless. Minus one character – Jung Jong Hyun. He is listless and keeps coming-going back and I don’t even understand why Soo Young keeps dating him. I always thought Park Mi Kyung wasn’t as good a person as one might think in the beginning. Her buying the painting that she saw Soo Young admiring or her mentioning casually about college education over dinner despite knowing Soo Young never went to one – are just few examples. Anyway, I’m totally in love with the main pair even if they frustrate me sometimes.