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February is bringing lots of second seasons. Not a lot of new choices to pick from but it’s a good thing for viewers who have lots to catch up on.

Our Blooming Youth

Premiere Date: February 6

Network: tvN

Stars: Park Hyung Shik (Happiness), Jun So Ni (When My Love Blooms)

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Number Of Episodes: 20

Genre: Historical, Romance, Mystery

About: The love story of a Crown Prince suffering from mysterious curse and a genius woman accused of killing her family members.

Thoughts: I’m not usually a saguek fan but the cast and plot sounds good.

Love To Hate You

Premiere Date: February 10

Network: Netflix

Stars: Kim Ok Bin (Yoo Na’s Street), Yoo Tae Oh (The School Nurse Files), Kim Ji Hoon (Flower Of Evil), Go Won Hee (Strongest Deliveryman)

Slot: All episodes released together.

Number Of Episodes: 10

Genre: Comedy, Romance

About: The love story of a lawyer who hates losing to men and a top star who is always suspicious of women.

Thoughts: ‘Enemies to lovers’ is a fun genre and the cast definitely adds to the excitement.

Big Bet Season 2

Premiere Date: February 15

Network: Disney+

Stars: Choi Min Shik (Old Boy), Son Seok Gu (My Liberation Notes), Lee Dong Hwi (Reply 1988)

Slot: All episodes released together.

Number Of Episodes: 8

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

About: A man who is a legend in the casino world but gets involved in a murder case and how he tries to get back into the game.

Thoughts: I have not seen the first season but the powerhouse cast is a huge draw.

The Heavenly Idol

Premiere Date: February 15

Network: tvN

Stars: Kim Min Gyu (Business Proposal), Go Bo Kyul (Hi Bye, Mama!), Lee Jang Woo (Homemade Love Story)

Slot: Wednesday & Thursday

Number Of Episodes: 12

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

About: A High Priest from another world who one day finds himself in the body of an idol of an unsuccessful pop group and a woman who is his number 1 fan and later becomes his manager.

Thoughts: The drama sounds like it could be a perfect blend of laughs and romance with fish-out-of-water hijinks. Plus, Kim Min Gyu! Swoon!

Taxi Driver 2

Premiere Date: February 17

Network: SBS

Stars: Lee Je Hoon (Signal), Kim Eui Sung (Under The Queen’s Umbrella), Pyo Ye Jin (V.I.P.). Shin Jae Ha (Crash Course In Romance)

Slot: Friday & Saturday

Number Of Episodes: 16

Genre: Action, Crime

About: A mysterious taxi service that helps people get justice who couldn’t receive it legally.

Thoughts: I have not seen the first season but the drama received good reviews.

Call It Love

Premiere Date: February 22

Network: tvN

Stars: Kim Young Kwang (Somebody), Lee Sung Kyung (Shooting Stars), Sung Joon (High Society)

Slot: Wednesday & Thursday

Number Of Episodes: 16

Genre: Romance, Drama

About: A woman who plans revenge against her father’s mistress but falls in love with her son.

Thoughts: The cast is appealing and the plot sounds more suited for weekend/daily over the top melodrama but the combination definitely sounds interesting.

Island Season 2

Premiere Date: February 24

Network: TVING

Stars: Kim Nam Gil (Through The Darkness), Lee Da Hee (Love Is For Suckers), Cha Eun Woo (True Beauty), Sung Joon (High Society)

Slot: Friday

Number Of Episodes: 6

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, Action

About: Three people who are fighting against the evil that is trying to destroy the world, on Jeju Island.

Thoughts: I have not seen the first season but the drama received mixed reviews.