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Crossdressing is one the most used themes in K-dramas. The dramaland is filled with mostly the following varieties of TV shows: rom-coms, melodrama, family, sageuks and thrillers. Romantic comedy is one of the most loved genres, be it locally or internationally and Korean TV industry makes rom-coms like nobody’s business. And that makes crossdressing a very suitable and sure-shot topic to use as it is accompanied by lots of options to further encapsulate various arcs in the plot: comedy and funny shenanigans, romance, angst, melo. Of course, the setting of a girl dressed as a boy (which is in most of the Continue reading

Let’s Go To School !!!

dgch s2013

High Schools have always been one of my favorite subjects in dramas and movies. It has a scope for exploration of many escapades and themes like comedy, romance, drama, sarcasm, thoughtful interpretations, friendships, dilemmas, teenage angst, etc. There is a nostalgic feel attached to it as well. High school has characters who are in a quandary regarding so many issues. And most of all, we can relate to them easily as all of us have gone through or are in that stage, which is a very delicate phase of life. Continue reading