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The End Of The World is the upcoming medical-mystery drama on jTBC, which is the story about a mysterious disease that is spreading at an alarming rate and the doctors who try to solve this morass. The leading character is being played by Yoon Je Moon, who is the chief of epidemiological investigation at the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He has the emotional force to track down the disease and cure it as he lost someone beloved due to the new virus. I found him really scary in The King 2 Hearts in the role of an eccentric villain, and here he is playing a totally different character; or positive one to be more clear. Jang Kyung Ah stars as a rookie doctor. She has got dramas like Tamra the Island and Tree With Deep Roots in her filmography.

On the other hand, another drama The Virus, has recently premiered on OCN; which has the similar background about the members of the Special Contagious Disease Crisis Team, who have only few days to stop a mutant virus from spreading and killing all of mankind. It stars Eom Ki Joon, who I really like. He is the actor who totally makes any character his own: be it the warm and caring teacher in Dream High, or the cold director in Worlds Within (who was the only interesting thing in that otherwise unexciting show.) He has that charisma in him, which makes you like him more and more. But both the shows (The Virus and The End Of The World) are different tonally. The Virus has a thriller like vibe; while the latter looks more melodramatic.

The End Of The World is premiering on March 16 and will be a weekend show.

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