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Marriage has taken place and now Ji Sook has to deal with this new life where everyone dislikes her. The only person who knows her real self is crazy and evil, trying to take full advantage of her dire situation. This episode had some surprising things which I didn’t expect.


Ji Sook and Min Woo are married. We see a flashback where Suk Hoon is telling her to get closer to Min Woo, including forming physical relationship. That way he will be under her control. Min Woo lays down the rules: do not touch anything, do not make noise and do not go up to that room where we saw him writing his diary (which also has lots of pictures of his mom, and a wall where it’s written to suspect everyone.) He also tells her to sleep on sofa.

Ji Sook also finds out from him that Eun Ha loved someone. He says that she can meet him but should not be caught. They need to pretend as happily married couple and try to coexist. If he ends up killing her, it will be solely her fault. They should not provoke each other or pretend to care.

Min Woo’s dad tells JI Sook to work in the gallery with his mom and sister, which the latter don’t like. His dad tells Min Woo to please the mayor for some deal and that if it succeeds, he’ll transfer him to headquarters as he is currently working in departmental store.


Suk Hoon tells Ji Sook that Min Woo’s dad wants his family members to keep an eye on her. She answers back that he should take care of her family’s debt. We see her brother doing some work for that loan shark, which in turn will help him in reducing his debt. We also see Suk hoon’s secretary visiting that loan shark and asking to buy some shares.

Min Woo and Ji Sook sign marriage certificate while her real dad signs her death certificate. Her mom says that she is suffocating and wants to be alone for sometime and goes out.

Mi Yun inquires Ji Sook about how much she remembers and how much she is pretending. Of course, Ji Sook is clueless about the way she is acting. Mi Yun tells her that she heard that when she was engaged to get married, Eun Ha was seeing someone.

A rich woman calls out Eun Ha’s (Ji Sook) name and Ji Sook accompanies her, though reluctantly, when she expresses the desire to shop from SJ group’s departmental store. As they reach, Ji Sook hides her face using sunglasses and hat. They go to the very same shop where she used to work, and when that rich lady removes her goggles, her friends recognise her but think she is the same rich woman they talked about who looked like Eun ha.


Now that the fear has gone, Ji Sook helps that woman in shopping with all her heart. She is impressed.

Jin Sook’s mom-in-law taunts about her shopping so much. She feels bad. Mi Yun also adds some taunts by herself.

Min Woo’s dad tells him to find out if she pleased the VIP customer genuinely or because she thought about profit. She is in bad mood so when he asks indirectly, her answer shows that she did it for profit. He looks slightly disappointed.

Ji Sook is misty eyed as she goes through her family pics when she sees Ji Hyuk’s status that it’s her mom’s birthday today. She rushes to her home with a gift in hand. Suk Hoon follows her, which Min Yun sees.


Ji Sook is standing outside her house when Suk Hoon comes and stops her. He tells her that if she loves her family, she should forget about them. She asks him to promise that he will take care of them all his life. He answers back that it is she who will make him promise him. He gets disturbed by the necklace she is wearing as he gave it to Eun ha.

They overhear her dad and brother’s talk and find out that her mom is missing. She is extremely worried and tells him to help in finding her.

On returning home, Mi Yun cross checks Suk Hoon’s excuse about where he was — of course he has arranged everything and his claim that he was at work proves right. He is listening to all this and smiling. Oh yes, he was a prosecutor before.

Ji Sook is restless at night. Min Woo wakes up and comes to her sofa. At first, he is thinking about wrapping her up with a sheet but then when he sees her neck, he stops.

In the morning, he tells her to get ready for some event. She sees some paper napkins on her table, which have Min Woo’s name on it. Aw.


In the event, which is actually about meeting that mayor,  when Ji Sook asks about her mom, Suk hoon tells her that he has found her at her friend’s house. He also snatches that necklace from her neck.

Ji Sook is not convinced and calls her father. She doesn’t speak anything but the call is enough to know that her mom is still missing.

Ji Sook is enraged and slaps Min Woo, stating that she won’t trust him any more. She leaves in her car, which is followed by Min Woo as this is an important event where her presence is necessary. They are followed by Suk hoon.

I wonder where she wants to drive away to but in this car chase, finally Suk Hoon’s car meets with an accident. he gets hurt but Ji Sook calls emergency and leaves. She comes to her neighbourhood, frantically calling for mom. On Suk Hoon’s orders, his assistant tries to run over her but Min Woo (who followed her by tracking her phone) comes in time and saves her.


They both fall to the ground under cherry blossom and something clicks in her mind. She says she knows where mom is. She asks help from Min Woo and tells him she’ll explain later.

We see Ji Sook’s dad and brother in some forest-kind-of area and it’s actually a place where her mom used to come every year on birthday. They call police to search that area but they are busy.

And yes, we see some flashbacks from childhood of this area and also that Ji Sook had a sister called Ji Eun but she died.

Now we see that Min Woo has deployed police to search the area. Finally Ji Sook finds mom, lying unconscious. She holds her in arms and hugs her, crying that it’s all her fault. Mom wakes up and tells her that she will make good food for her. Min Woo watches this — surprised and touched.



Okay, so things happened pretty fast as we reached second half of this episode and in a way that I didn’t think it would go. Like how boldly Ji Sook slapped Suk hoon, in front of everyone. I wonder apart from the servants, who else saw that. I felt really good though. Heh. We all know she loves her family and when Suk Hoon lied about them being all right, it was just the last straw for the floodgates of anger getting opened for Ji Sook, who is already in a nervous state, feeling like a cat on hot bricks. Poor girl, she can’t have even a calm moment to figure out exactly what is happening in her life. Talking about her past, she did have a twin called Ji Eun — who is surely Eun Ha and I wonder how that character will be tied in this drama as we have seen her body and cremation. I have a feeling that Suk hoon might fall for Ji Sook, not only because she has the same face but also she keeps on doing things which may surprise him — like coming for him when he got hurt in that accident and helping him. Ji Sook will have a ready made answer for going after mom — she is someone like a mom to her and she went missing. BUt one good thing coming out of this whole trouble is that Min Woo got touched by witnessing the emotional side of Ji Sook and that can lead to him getting softer towards her. Especially because we have seen how much attached he is with his mom’s memories.

But still, I have doubts — if Suk hoon wants Ji Sook to get closer to MiN Woo, then why did he implant that memory that he tried to kill her, when this will lead him further away from her. Why?? On a funny note, it seems like Suk Hoon’s assistant (I need to go and see his name now, it’s so tiring to type this long notation everytime..heh…okay he is Ppoolte) is like a ghost — present everywhere. Whenever he comes on screen, it makes me laugh — because this role is such a clichéd one in dramaland.