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Last year gave us many melodramas like Nice Guy, I Miss You, Equator Man, etc. that graced our computer screens. This year the tear-jerker and serious genre kick started with That Winter, The Wind Blows; which is gaining many favorable reviews. And now another melodrama is in the making called When A Man Loves, which stars Song Seung Heon (Dr. Jin) in the main lead role. It’s a drama about people who are swept up in “the feverish craze of love,” and the complexities that arise due to their relation. Shin Se Kyung (Fashion King) is the female lead in the show. It’s funny that both the actors appeared in one of the worst dramas of 2012. I haven’t seen any of Song Seung Heon’s movies or dramas, but I find him really handsome (my shallow side speaking ;). ) Shin Se Kyung was fine in My Little Bride, but totally annoying in Fashion King (to be clear, I watched only 4 or 5 episodes of that freakish show) and her acting showed only a single expression throughout.

Coming back to the melodrama, Song Seung Heon plays a gangster, who marries his boss’s wife after he dies.  Chae Jung Ahn (Coffee Prince) plays the role of the wife. I like her natural acting style. Our hero then meets Shin Se Kyung, a young and hardworking girl from a poor family, and falls for her. WHAT?!! The hero is gonna be a cheater!! Can I root for anyone in this show now..? Yeon Woo Jin (Arang And The Magistrate) is our second lead, who stars as a confident person who wins at everything he does. He also falls in love with our heroine, turning his relation with our (anti)hero from amicable to rivalry. So, you are married and falls for another girl and then you are competing for her affections. Can it become more greyish for the main lead role?

I think these type of shows are good to watch just for the style and intriguing factor, not to forget the complex relation plot. They are not for any emotional attachment, for me at least. I know I’m not gonna like most of the characters here, but I can give this a try just for the reasons mentioned.

When A Man Loves will follow Level 7 Civil Servant on MBC.

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