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I actually watched the first episode of SBS drama Temperature Of Love, and found it very soothing and laid back. I couldn’t continue due to lack of time. The show was getting top ratings (though the numbers never reached a supremely high value) but that decreased after the arrival of new show Witch’s Court. Anyways, the drama has reached its halfway mark and the latest episode will see Park Shin Hye in a guest appearance. She was in writer’s previous show Doctors and hence, accepting to do a cameo here. Her character will have the same name, Yoo Hye Jung as her Doctors’ role and she will play a top actress who likes the script written by Seo Hyun Jin‘s writer character and then decides to meet the production president, played by Kim Jae Wook. I’m not aware of the current proceedings of the drama but have read mixed reviews about it.

The fans have been eagerly waiting for Park Shin Hye’s next drama project as her last was Doctors in 2016. She will be seen in a movie next, titled Blackened Heart. The Temperature Of Love appearance broadcasted today. Hopefully, it was fun! On a side note, what’s with the abundance of grey in the scene? Is it a new It colour!