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Workplace dramas are always fun to watch and I have a special predilection for them. I think it all started when I watched the Indian version of Ugly Betty, and there was no looking back after that for my inclination and liking. Among Korean dramas, I really liked Dalja’s Spring; though I have seen only 12 episodes of it and after that had to put it on hold due to some busy schedule that didn’t let me continue my drama watching for sometime. Another office drama is coming up on KBS, titled God of the Workplace. Wow, even the heading tells it all. Some inventive title would have been better I guess.. The earlier name was Please Come Back, Miss Kim, by the way. Not so amusing. The drama is based on the Japanese series Pride of the Temp.

Kim Hye Soo (Style) stars as charismatic Miss Kim, who is a perfect employee with a no-nonsense attitude. Even the high level bosses are afraid of her. Oh Ji Ho (The 3rd Hospital) plays the role of a man in the upper management, who will be at odds with her. I like this premise already. Jung Yoo Mi (Que Sera Sera) stars as a newbie in the company, who gets this job after much struggle during her job interviews. She will also be in one sided love with her boss, i.e., our hero. Oh, I think I’m gonna root for her (and that is going to hurt, right?) Lee Hee Jun (Jeon Woo Chi) is Oh Ji Ho’s friend in the drama and opposite to him in every way possible.

The other cast members include Jeon Hye Bin (My Love By My Side), who will play another newly hired employee but the perfect one. Quite opposite to Jung Yoo Mi’s character. Jo Kwon (All My Love) is another new hire, a polite and upright one. I am very excited for this drama, you better be a good one show. Office culture mixed with romance is always great 🙂

God of the Workplace replaces another workplace drama Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek (which I really wanna see after I complete my current dramas) and premieres in April.


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