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New Korean Dramas: September 2020

New month, new premieres. Certain premieres from last month had been postponed and hence Zombie Detective and Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol will be starting in September. Also, a few JTBC shows have been delayed and yet to confirm their premiere date. All in all, September is bringing the following Korean dramas to our screens. Continue reading

Jung Jae Young and Jung Yoo Mi headline MBC’s ‘Investigation Couple’

The new MBC drama Investigation Couple sounds more like an OCN show as it is about two people from different backgrounds joining forces to catch criminals. But maybe being an MBC show, it will have less dark, gory presentation. Powerhouse actor Continue reading

‘Bravo My Life’ is the new weekend drama on SBS

I was really busy the whole past week as it was festive season and I was enjoying some family time. Hence, a dearth of posts. This also means that I missed blogging about a new drama that premiered last week, well, just two days back to be precise! It’s SBS weekend drama Bravo My Life with the usual episode length of 50-60 episodes, counted as 120 as per the current trend of airing two half hour back to back episodes of a drama. In the case of Bravo My Life, SBS is airing 4 episodes altogether and the show will air only on Saturdays. Onto the plot. Continue reading

‘Master: God of Noodles’ premieres today on KBS


I wonder if the follow-up drama to KBS rating juggernaut Descendants Of The Sun is garnering much interest. It is Master: God of Noodles and at first I thought it was about some chef and his culinary skills. But the show is actually a revenge tale where Chun Jung Myung (Heart To Heart) plays a man who loses everything and then Continue reading

2014: The year of reunions


Each year brings with it some particular trend that dominates the drama world throughout the year, with every other show following it and trying to milk on the success of that formula. I can say that there was one trend that I totally loved and supported wholeheartedly and that was the bevy of reunions that we received this year. It’s very special and new in K-dramaland because here, it’s like once in a blue moon that we ever get two stars working again for another project, however much success they got with the first one. Continue reading