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I first heard about Suzy when she was cast for Big, as I didn’t see Dream High up till then.  I wasn’t greatly impressed by her acting in the latter, but felt that she was likable. Her character was also written in such a manner that she had to act expressionless. She was completely fit for that role. Same goes for Big, where I loved her scenes with Baek Sung Hyun. Although the drama failed to fulfill my expectations, they were sweet together. I haven’t got the chance to watch Architecture 101 yet, but have read eulogizing comments of Suzy’s work in it. She is currently occupied in shooting her upcoming fantasy-historical drama Gu Family Book with cutie pie Lee Seung Gi, where she plays a girl excelled in martial arts. Yay, for a tough and aggressive heroine.

Here are some photos featured in Ceci magazine, April issue. Suzy is looking extremely gorgeous in these. One of her attractive features (apart from being really beautiful) is her long hair. She always adorns the same hairdo, but never bores me with it. But I’m not liking the pic with the red outfit: it’s as if she is trying to look mature, but the heavy make up makes it a no-no.

Looking forward to Suzy’s turn in her first sageuk role.

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