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Kim Sun Ah is an actress who I really adore. I’m not her fan, but I think she was super awesome in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (her only drama I’ve seen) and also she carries each look with a class. She has mostly acted in romantic comedies like City Hall and more recent I Do, I Do and some melodramas like Scent Of A Woman (which I really wanna watch), but all in all a lighter fare. It’s a good thing that we can see her in a new kind of role in the forthcoming revenge film The Five, which is based on a webtoon. The movie sounds like a dark thriller if we go by the synopsis, which is a story about a group of people, full of vengeance, who come together to take revenge from a serial killer who killed their loved ones. Kim Sun Ah is the leading heroine who also lost her husband and daughter in the same way, and herself has been left physically and mentally destroyed. She is on a wheelchair and then plans her revenge by forming a team of five: it includes a North Korean defector, a former gangster, and a deadbeat debtor; all of these people are marginalized by society in some way. She even gives up her organs as guarantee for the mission as all of the four persons need organ transplant.

Lee Chung Ah (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) will play the role of a delinquent who works in an illegal detective agency.  The story sounds somewhat like an Indian movie I had seen many years back, but it did not have that serial killer part. Anyways, i think Kim Sun Ah will be awesome in this badass role and the film itself looks like a revenge plus emotional one. It will be released in 2013 (okay, that is so obvious ;)), the filming has already begun.