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Among the upcoming dramas that are starting together (and so many of them have their premiere lined up in April), I’m most excited about Gu Family Book (among  the sageuk copiousness) and the office romantic comedy God Of The Workplace. The latter seems a light, funny take on the workplace genre with a dash of romance, filled with amusing characters and humor. Kim Hye Soo stars as Ms.Kim, a working woman who is extremely competent and talented, with about hundreds of certificates and licenses under her name. She not only excels in work knowledge, but also does salsa and flies helicopters (as the stills tell us.) Hmm, interesting. Oh Ji Ho is her exact opposite, a higher post executive and a short-tempered, childish man.

Newly hired employees include Jung Yoo Mi and Jeon Hye Bin, who are another set of antipodal beings: the former is from a third-rate varsity, and has very little to boast about in her resume; the latter has a brilliant resume and is a first-rate college alumni. Jung Yoo Mi is a temporary hire who makes frequent mistakes despite her hard work and speaks dialect when in tension. Jeon Hye Bin is a regular employee. Thirdly, Jung Yoo Mi has a crush on Oh Ji Ho, while the other one is his ex-girlfriend. Oho, I’m feeling as if I’m writing some ‘write the differences’ lessons for my school class 😀

Lee Hee Joon is another of the employee, a colleague and friend to our hero and guess what…his opposite in all the manners. He is a serious and cold guy. Frankly, I like all these complex love quadrangles, or pentagons if we talk about this drama; but only if they are deftly handled.

God Of The Workplace starts airing next week from April 1 and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

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