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Ha Ji Won is perfect in badass roles, and recently we are seeing her a lot in action roles (Secret Garden, The King 2 Hearts). The new addition to them is her latest action, adventure comedy film The Huntresses or Joseon Trio of Beauties as the literal title. The story sounds similar to Charlie’s Angels, just place them in the Joseon era. Well, the idea seems interesting and amusing. Here, the trio is led by Ha Ji Won, who is a fearless, charismatic leader and an expert in inventing new weapons and disguising herself.  Ye Won (The Fortune Tellers) is the married member of the group who is efficient in sword fighting and thinks that the best thing in the whole world is money. Ga In (of Kpop group Brown Eyed Girls) is the third one who thinks first, acts later but very strong with fists rather than asking questions. The three are the most legendary bounty hunters, who never fail to capture a target. Joseon is in danger and they save it with their immense skills.

The movie surely sounds like fun, if not too intelligent. It looks like one of those adventurous films that are a good time pass and provide lots of laughs. I love such light action flicks that involve disguising, silly tricks, etc to pursue a criminal. Color me interested. The Huntresses will hit the theaters in May.

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