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Well, to be more clear, it’s Special Affairs Team TEN, a crime procedural drama that garnered good reviews as well as ratings when it aired during 2011-2012. It is a story about a special crime unit called Ten that solves cases which have less than 10 percent chance of getting solved. I love such procedural, mystery-thriller shows, but as I cannot watch every drama out there and my list continues to gather dramas day by day, I have put a hold on going for any new entry in my plan-to-watch zone. First, I’m gonna complete the ones that are lying on my laptop from like forever. The drama is now gearing up for the premiere of its second season, which is called Ten 2, obviously.

Joo Sang Wook stars as the leader of this group, known as the monster who catches monster. He is an investigator who gave up teaching about crime solving, when his wife was brutally murdered and then he returned to the field work. Jo Ahn is the profiling specialist, Kim Sang Ho is a veteran cop and Choi Woo Shik is a rookie member of the specialist team. The latest season has the same creative team behind it as the first one and it will also have the same content of solving a new mystery that will take Jo Ahn’s character at the center.

Ten 2 starts airing from April 14 on OCN. I know many of you who watched the first season will be eagerly waiting for this one. So mark the date!!

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