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It looks like the topic I have written the most about in my casting news, since I started my blog, is the historical genre. There seems to be no end to the reports related to sageuks as this year has seen so many of them, which includes three ongoing right now. Among them, I’m inclined towards watching the fantasy (and Lee Seung Gi is the major factor of course) Gu Family Book and the thriller Mandate Of Heaven (as it’s garnering huge praise and I’m an avid fan of the genre.) I’m on the fence about Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love: the reason to it is that my initial attraction towards it, Jae Hee, has still not appeared after 8 episodes and the drama seems like possibly it will have a sad ending. Let’s see, if I’ll make up my mind later to go for it.

The upcoming sageuk Goddess Of Fire Jung-yi, that stars Moon Geun Young returning to the genre that fully does justice to her immense acting talent, has added more cast members. And this addition has raised my interest in the show, that initially looked kind of boring to me. Kim Bum (Boys Before Flowers) has confirmed the role of Kim Tae Do, who looks like a perfect second male lead by the way his character is described: good looks, expert in martial arts, kind, gentle, righteous, etc. I like him a lot and hopefully he will get a happily-ever-after in the drama. Lee Sang Yoon (The Duo) has already been cast as King Gwanghae who falls in love with Jung-yi (Moon Geun Young), but has to give up his love due to his position. The drama is the story of first female potter Jung-yi or Baek Pa-sun. Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young play best friends who grew up together, with him having a one-sided love for her. Some reports I read made me elated as they said that he later becomes her husband, but let’s see if it’s true or just a speculation. Well, this will be Kim Bum’s first historical role and he will sport the mane of glory!! LOVE IT.

The other actors added to the cast include Han Go Eun (Me Too, Flower!) who plays a cunning and scheming royal concubine, who was once a bright, beautiful girl; Lee Kwang Soo (Nice Guy) as useless older brother to Gwanghae; Jeon Gwang Ryul (Lights and Shadows) as a master potter and Park Gun Hyung (I Do, I Do)as pottery rival to our heroine.

Goddess Of Fire Jung-yi will have a total of 32 episodes and will continue the sageuk trend following Gu Family Book in July on MBC.