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SBS brings mystery melodrama ‘VIP’ with Lee Sang Yoon and Jang Na Ra

I have always seen Jang Na Ra (The Last Empress) in a light romance or comedy and so it is like a breath of fresh air to see her in a melodrama with pinch of mystery involved. She is starring in upcoming SBS drama VIP with Lee Sang Yoon (Liar Game), and the show is about a department store’s team who works for VIP clients, constituting 1% of their total clientele. Continue reading

tvN brings fantasy romance ‘About Time’ with Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung

I love the summery and carefree posters of new tvN drama About Time that premiered this week as a Monday-Tuesday show. It stars Lee Sung Kyung as a woman who can see a person’s life span with her special ability while Lee Sang Yoon plays a man who somehow stops her time clock. She plays a musical actress and he  Continue reading

Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon reunite with legal thriller ‘Whisper’ for SBS

There was a time 2-3 years back when we had a deluge of reunions in dramaland with many actors reuniting and giving fans a dream come true situation. Reunions have been quiet from some time but we are going to see one soon as Lee Bo Young is returning to dramas and acting opposite Lee Sang Yoon — they both starred in superhit Continue reading

Romantic melodrama ‘On the Way To The Airport’ arrived on KBS this week


Has this ever happened to you that you want to watch a drama because you loved its title? Well, it’s certainly a first for me. I really liked the name of the new show on KBS — On The Way To The Airport — it sounds very poetic, different, like an incomplete story, and then mix it with the moody, beautiful posters featuring a forest area with the leads — the combination resulted in me deciding to give this show a try. It just Continue reading

REVIEW: Twenty Again (2015)


Whenever I think about Twenty Again, always images like the greenery or warmth of sun during winter, come to my mind. That perspicuously explain my feelings towards this show which is as heartwarming as it’s inspiring, as delightful as it’s adorable. Yes, it goes without saying that it has earned spot among one of my favourite dramas of the year. Continue reading