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I’m glad that Lee Jun Ki has signed his next drama and did not make us wait for long after his sageuk turn in Arang And The Magistrate last year. It always makes me happy when the stars don’t take too long to reappear on our screens and give us more and more opportunities to adore them again and again. I have yet to watch the fantasy-historical show, and I hope I’ll do it very soon.

Lee Jun Ki will be appearing in a thriller titled Two Weeks and its synopsis sounds so much similar to currently airing Mandate Of Heaven!! The drama stars him as a guy who is falsely accused of murder, discovers that he has a daughter who is suffering from leukemia and he has only two weeks to save her and himself of course. Wow, so the whole drama will have only two weeks period, which makes it all the more intriguing and possibilities of an edge-of-your-seats thriller increase. The only difference so far I can see between the two shows is the time restriction and the era, of course. Hey, there is another coincidence related to both: Lee Jun Ki and Lee Dong Wook (male lead in Mandate Of Heaven) starred together in Hong Sisters’ rom-com My Girl !! The drama will be penned by the writer who gave shows like Prosecutor Princess and 49 Days, with last year’s rating leader My Daughter Seo Young. Clearly there is so much versatility in all the shows.

I have seen Lee Jun Ki in My Girl only and he was cute in it. And I’m a sucker for good nail-biting thrillers, which have an emotional base as well. Some days back, reports came that Lee Jun Ki will be doing an action noir drama set in 1930s Shanghai, which would have been awesome. But I guess this premise is also interesting. And doing two period dramas back to back (though they differ hugely in the eras) might have sounded a bit similar.

Two Weeks will be premiering in August on MBC in the Wednesday-Thursday slot and has two dramas preceding it as of now, When A Man Loves and The Queen’s Classroom. Can’t wait!!