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Im Joo Hwan is returning to dramaland with the upcoming daily drama Watch Out For Fools (Have read the other title as well, it is Ugly Alert), which was earlier named Bravo My Life. In my opinion, the two title look vastly divergent. The drama is about people who sacrifice everything for the ones they care for and love, which leads others to call them ‘foolish’. Hence, the title which means to warn that there are such fools ahead.

The drama is a regular family fare that shows the story of second marriage of two people, which then brings their respective children into one family and thus starts their journey with the newfound siblings. Im Joo Hwan stars as a selfless person, and the show will depict genuine family love and communication. Well, daily dramas are not my cup of tea. They are way too long, draggy and manifest so many fillers that I get irritated while waiting for the scenes I want them to show and they give me other things instead. Anyways, the premise looks kind of boring to me, but the stills showing our hero and his leading lady Kang So Ra look romantic and breezy. Also, the director is Shin Yoon-sub of Rooftop Prince fame and we can expect light-hearted sweetness from this show. I could have given it a try if it had lesser episodes.

Watch Out For Fools will air from May 20 on SBS with the daily schedule of Monday to Friday. Also check out the script reading stills below.

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Im Joo Hwan to headline a daily drama