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tvN’s ‘Revolutionary Love’ pairs up Choi Si Won and Kang So Ra

Wohoo! I absolutely loved Choi Si Won in gem King Of Dramas (2012) and adored him as the ebullient second lead in She Was Pretty, which was his last acting project before going for his mandatory military service in 2015. And now he is back and Continue reading

Three big premieres tomorrow: Monster, Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho and Jackpot


It has really been an unannounced hiatus this past week as I was busy with exams. But now I’m all set to start my drama spree. Tomorrow is that special occasion when the big three networks are starting new dramas for the same slot. MBC is bringing melodrama Monster, KBS is bringing legal comedy Neighbourhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho and SBS is bringing sageuk Jackpot. All three channels are actually continuing the same genre for the Monday-Tuesday dramas as was followed by their predecessors. Let’s have a look at them one by one. Continue reading

First Impressions: ‘Warm And Cozy’ is soothing


First thing first: if you are going for Warm And Cozy for some deep, complex plot, you’ll be disappointed. But if you want to delve into a story which is warm, soothing, sweet about two people who are so different and yet so same, then this drama is for you. The tone of the show is definitely different from the usual stuff we see in dramaland. Maybe it’s due to the setting, which is in Jeju Island or it can be because the drama does not comes out of the gate with many plot points or narratives. It’s just flowing naturally, except for the first scene about twins confusion but more on that later. Continue reading

‘Warm And Cozy’ is ready to air this Wednesday


I have to say that Warm And Cozy looks very different from usual Hong Sisters trademark style of laugh-out-loud hijinks and zippy, peppy vibe. It’s more on the level of subtle and serene and calm. But I don’t mind it at all as long as I’m getting a fun-filled, soothing, warm and cozy ride, full of heart and romance. The drama is set in Jeju Island Continue reading