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Two Weeks has already secured its leading man in the form of Lee Jun Ki (Arang And The Magistrate) and now it is gearing up towards more cast additions. Two Weeks is a thriller about a man on the run as he is framed for a murder. What adds to his complications is the fact that he discovers that he has a daughter suffering from leukaemia and he has only two weeks to come out of this pandemonium. I don’t know but this whole synopsis sounds so very similar to Mandate Of Heaven, except for the era and time factor. One remarkable thing about the drama is that it will have a time period of only two weeks in the whole length of the show.

Coming back to the cast, the drama has signed on Kim So Yeon (Prosecutor Princess) as the main female lead. Her role is that of a prosecutor, but of course completely opposite to her similar role in Prosecutor Princess (though I haven’t seen that drama but I know this much at least!!). She plays a cop chasing our hero. I can’t really picture them together, as I think they will not quite suit in the same frame. But I like pleasant surprises. I haven’t seen any of her shows, but Dr. Champ and Prosecutor Princess are in my plan list.

The other member added to the drama is Song Jae Rim (The Moon That Embraces the Sun), who will play an expert killer, also chasing our hero. Wow, poor guy, our hero, so many people after him.

Two Weeks looks like it’s gonna be an edge-of-your-seat thriller and I’m definitely looking forward to it. This story might not be anything ingenious but it always works if it’s fast paced, has a heart and is skillfully directed. The show is being written by the writer of dramas like My Daughter Seo Young and 49 Days and premiers in August after The Queen’s Classroom (which still has to start airing) wraps up on MBC.


Lee Jun Ki to star in thriller drama ‘Two Weeks’