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The episode finally had Soon-shin’s mom returning slightly back to her warm and less annoyed (or annoying) self. Yes, our couple parted because of the secret coming out in open about the bet, but I’m glad we got over it so soon, which gives way to more honesty and fresh page for the drama. But their separation balanced with the cuteness we had with the other two sisters. And our bread man finds himself loaded with so many secrets about the family he lives with. Also, Joon-ho finally decided to let go his past relation.


Mi-ryung tells Soon-shin about the bet between Joon-ho and Yun-ah to make a poor girl a big star if he wants Yun-ah to sign contract with his agency. Also that both of them got back together. So there is no need to make her a star and that he will tell her soon about it.

Soon-shin shoots the music video but is clearly very upset. Joon-ho watches the shooting. When Joon-ho sees her sad, he thinks she is nervous. She asks him the reason for being nice to her.

Grandmother tells Jin-wook to make an international call for her. He calls Hye-shin’s husband who makes excuse of being too busy to talk.


Jin-wook sees Hye-shin going somewhere from his shop. He calls her and asks for her help in smashing down the dough as his assistant did not come to work. He tells to think about the person who she hates the most and then use all her strength for the purpose of smashing it down on the table. Actually, it’s his way of helping her to reduce her stress as she is upset. He also adds that her smile is so pretty.

Mom tells Chan-woo’s mom about Hye-shin’s divorce. She also says that she knows that it is not Soon-shin’s fault but she makes her upset whenever she sees her. The lady suggests her to confront Mi-ryung regarding this matter.

Shoot is complete and Soon-shin avoids Joon-ho when he tries to talk to her. Yun-ah comes there and offers lunch. but he refuses. Yun-ah tells Soon-shin that she apologizes on behalf of Joon-ho. They have put her in awkward position.

Joon-ho remembers his talk with Soon-shin and picks up his guitar and plays it.


Soon-shin tells Chan-mi about the bet. Chan-mi draws attention to the point that may be Song Mi-ryung complimented her only because of the bet and Joon-ho asked her to do it. Soon-shin rushes somewhere.

Soon-shin goes to Mi-ryung’s house and questions that did she compliment her in order to help Joon-ho in his bet. Mi-ryung answers that she should quit as soon as possible and that will be good for her. Mom also comes there and is surprised to see Soon-shin. Mi-ryung insults them by saying that she doesn’t have anything to say to them.

Soon-shin cries and tells Mom that she is going to quit acting. Mi-ryung and Joon-ho used her and she is sorry that she was so stubborn.


The woman who Mom met before to inquire about Mi-ryung confirms that she is the same woman when manager Wang sends Soon-shin’s mom’s picture for identification.

Mi-ryung tells him to make the rumor about Soon-shin bigger as she wants to make sure that she quits acting.

In-sung informs Joon-ho that KOK fans are really pissed off that Soon-shin is shooting the MV. There are bad rumours on the internet about her being his girlfriend.

The KOK fans come to the restaurant and bullies Soon-shin by throwing different things on her and they even start beating her. But Young-hoon and her colleague come there and stop them.


Joon-ho sees this and takes her to his office. She declares that she is quitting. Joon-ho is shocked and says how can she do this just because of these little things, she answers back that why he didn’t take care of it then. Also that how can she trust him.

Soon-shin complains to Young-hoon that why he didn’t tell her everything about the bet in the beginning and stopped her. She even quits her job in the restaurant.

Yoo-shin decides to have a bonding party with her sisters. They meet at Chan Woo’s mom’s chicken restaurant and there Yoo-shin and his mom have a small argument.

Chan-woo comes to meet Yoo-shin outside her house at night, and while he kisses her on cheek, they are seen by Jin-wook. Yoo-shin asks him to keep this a secret.


Mom comes to Soon-shin’s room and looks at her. She sees her script for the MV.

Manager Wang tells Mi-ryung to let Soon-shin go and not to be harsh on her. She says that she doesn’t want to see those people.

Mom comes to pay back the down payment to Joon-ho. Outside, she meets Mi-ryung who congratulates her that Soon-shin quit. Mom scolds her that she can say these things after breaking her daughter’s heart just because she don’t know the feeling as she has no children. Mi-ryung is totally pissed off.

Joon-ho finally gets to know that Soon-shin has found out about the bet, when Yun-ah tells him. He rushes to go to her when she stops him and says that if he goes, she will not meet him again. He removes her hand from his and goes.