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I have this proclivity to get attracted to films/ novels/ dramas whenever I see the word ‘thriller’ attached with them. And the upcoming action thriller Cold Eyes (also known as The Watchers) is no exception to that liking. The movie is about a special team of detectives who chase down a villain using round the clock surveillance of the elusive mobster.

The film stars Jung Woo Sung (Padam Padam) as a mob leader of a crime organisation. Sol Kyung Gu (The Tower) is the head of a special investigation team that keeps a vigilance on this bad guy 24×7 and work as a surveillance team, chasing him as their main target. The team includes Han Hyo Joo (Dong Yi) as the rookie member, but having excellent skills required for the job like amazing memory, sense of observation and alertness. Sol Kyung Gu‘s character is a veteran who is more of acting-on-your-instincts type rather than methodical, kind of reckless but having a strong personality. The other team-mate is Junho (of Kpop group 2PM) who is secretive and sly. Basically their team is given the assignment of keeping an eye on the mobster who is able to escape every time. So, they use their skills and high-tech devices (like CCTV cameras all over the city) for the surveillance of the cool-headed mob boss.

I like the premise which has enough scope for a fast paced, tight and interesting thriller with twists and turns. Not a mystery, but having enough chills and thrills. The only actor I’m acquainted with is Han Hyo Joo, who also happens to be one of my favorites. I like that she has a strong screen presence and in the stills I like her new look with short hair. It’s great to see the versatility in her projects ranging from sageuk (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King), romance (Love 911) and now this thriller. I hope she does a drama soon. Cold Eyes is directed by two directors whose previous films include The World of Silence and Blue Salt.

Cold Eyes is releasing on July 4.

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