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And this first love is not the mean, boring, super rich, clinging one that is a quintessential character in almost every kdrama. We are talking about something different here. I’ll go into more details after a short while.

I am completely enthralled by Park Ha Sun after watching her in Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek, and I was wondering why I didn’t get the chance to watch her till then as she is simply amazing. She has that quality which makes her so graceful, endearing and she is so pretty and charming. And yes, it’s just like one of the comments I read somewhere, she lights up the screen with her smile. She is the latest entrant to my favorite actresses list and yes, she acts well. I want to see more of her works, but that includes the sit-com High Kick 3, which looks cute but is too long for spending time right now (yeah, the things of real life does reduce the dedication towards drama watching.) Dong-yi is another of her dramas, a sageuk but that also has more than 50 episodes.

I’m so happy to report that she has signed on her next drama and it is none other than one of the shows I’m looking forward to: the thriller Two Weeks, which is headlined by Lee Jun Ki (Arang And The Magistrate). She will be playing his first love, the one he can’t forget and she also raises his daughter, he remaining ignorant about it all this time of eight years. He gets accused of murder and also then, he finds out about his daughter and her illness. He and Park Ha Sun then team up to save their daughter as well as facing cops and killers who are after him. I really hope they are the OTP as we also have Kim So Yeon (Prosecutor Princess) in the role of the prosecutor chasing our hero.

Two Weeks surely looks tensed, nail-biting thriller and I’m all in for it, now that Park Ha Sun has joined the cast and of course the premise has caught my attention already. It will start its performance from August on MBC.