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I’m glad that mom finally speaks up about her behaviour towards Soon-shin in this episode. On the other hand, Mi-ryung struggles with the new-found truth about Soon-shin. Thankfully, there is always Jin-wook to make things lighter and cuter.


Mi-ryung is all lost and she comes outside Soon-shin’s house. Mom sees her and demands the reason for coming there. Mi-ryung answers that she has nothing to do with Soon-shin and she is mom’s daughter. She came to tell that she never want to see her. Mom says that Soon Shin is her child and she raised her. She doesn’t want to see her either. Hye-shin witnesses them together and asks mom about it, who makes some excuse.

Mi-ryung is very upset and says to manager Wang in frustration that what he wants her to do. Should she ask forgiveness from Soon-shin because she abandoned her as she didn’t want to be poor anymore.

Grandma again asks mom about Soon-shin’s real mother. Also, she shows more care towards Soon-shin, now that she knows that she is his son’s real daughter.


Mi-ryung orders her manager to stop that reporter from any further investigations.

It is Yi-jung’s birthday and her mom asks everybody to come home early.

Joon-ho misses Soon-shin a lot and keeps on staring at her picture on his cell phone. He goes to the restaurant, but is stopped by Young-hoon.

Jin-wook is too generous with Hye-shin at his bakery and his assistant says to him that he clearly likes her.


Grandma talks to Hye-shin about Soon-shin (she thinks that she might be knowing about it.) who is surprised and questions mom about it. Mom tells her that she is indeed Mi-ryung’s daughter (and dad’s).

Joon-ho’s mom invites Mi-ryung for dinner, and his father invites Chan-woo.

Joon-ho comes to Soon-shin’s house, who is then caught outside by Jin-wook. Both of them doubt each other before Soon-shin comes.

Joon-ho asks Soon-shin if she saw that audition video he gave, but she lies that she didn’t.


Chan-woo and Mi-ryung have dinner with Joon-ho’s family minus Joon-ho. His mom starts telling about the good points of having a family, much to Mi-ryung’s annoyance. She drinks a lot.

Yoo-shin needs to go to chicken shop and she goes there after changing into a long skirt in order to impress Chan-woo’s mom, but again they have a small debate.

Joon-ho comes home and sees Chan-woo there. He tells him that he should not hurt Soon-shin’s feelings when he already has a girlfriend.


Hye-shin talks about Soon-shin to mom and that if she is okay. Mom answers that it’s not Soon Shin’s fault and she did what she shouldn’t to Soon Shin. She realized she can be so cruel. Mom says,

“After I found out about it, I hated her so much. But then I felt bad for her and worried about her. I was scared that the woman would take Soon Shin. I hated it when Soon Shin was getting close to that woman and I was worried she might find out everything.”

Mom tells Hye-shin to keep this a secret forever and not to be mean to Soon-shin.



Mi-ryung and Yun-ah have an interview in the same restaurant. Mi-ryung is disturbed to see Soon-shin and is feeling kind of sick. Yun-ah is already pissed off regarding Soon-shin and she starts insulting her that does she not have pride that she is still working there. Soon-shin answers back that doesn’t Yun-ah feel sorry towards her as she made a bet and played with her. It’s Soon-shin who should feel upset.

Yun-ah goes after completing the interview and Mi-ryung goes out but collapses as she was already not well. Soon-shin goes out to return her file when she sees her and takes her to a hospital. Mi-ryung tells her to go. Yun-ah and manager also come there. Suddenly, Mi-ryung gets up and goes out, where she sees Soon-shin as she was coming in to return the same file. Mi-ryung moves towards her.