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Lee Min Ki was adorable in the few episodes I watched for Dalja’s Spring. I couldn’t complete it as I had to get engaged in some real life things that didn’t allow me to continue its marathon. But I’ll make sure to watch it very soon. May be this month itself. I love workplace dramas if done well. And Dalja’s Spring surely fits that bill. It’s fun, fast and endearing. Lee Min Ki will soon be appearing in upcoming movie Monster (not to be confused with currently airing musical drama Monstar. Just saying!! ;)) and he will play the role of a cold-blooded murderer. It is difficult for me to picture him in that role, but looking at his creepy gaze in the stills from the film makes me tremble. He was dearly loved in his cameo appearance for one of last year’s best offerings: the drama Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I haven’t got the chance to watch it yet. 😦

Coming back to the thriller movie, Monster is about a girl whose sister is murdered by this killer and now she is on the revenge path, and she starts this by stalking him. The story looks interesting and the female lead is played by Kim Go Eun, who received lots of praise and awards for her movie Eungyo that was released last year. This is the first time I’m reading about her. You know, I’m a drama person. Anyways, Monster will reteam Lee Min Ki with his director of Chilling Romance and is planning to hit the theaters by the end of 2013. It looks like it has all the ingredients of a good thriller, not to mention the great cast that is like an icing on the cake. Check out the stills from the movie which have ‘intense and dark’ written all over them.

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