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Three big premieres tomorrow: Monster, Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho and Jackpot


It has really been an unannounced hiatus this past week as I was busy with exams. But now I’m all set to start my drama spree. Tomorrow is that special occasion when the big three networks are starting new dramas for the same slot. MBC is bringing melodrama Monster, KBS is bringing legal comedy Neighbourhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho and SBS is bringing sageuk Jackpot. All three channels are actually continuing the same genre for the Monday-Tuesday dramas as was followed by their predecessors. Let’s have a look at them one by one. Continue reading

Kang Ji Hwan headlines MBC melodrama ‘Monster’


I love Kang Ji Hwan. He has always been terrific in all his roles and now he has signed on his next project in the form of melodrama titled Monster. It will be a revenge story where the hero loses his parents with the story starting from late 90s during the IMF crisis. He sets out to take revenge from the elite group of society which has all the Continue reading

Lee Min Ki in a villainous role for next movie

Lee Min Ki was adorable in the few episodes I watched for Dalja’s Spring. I couldn’t complete it as I had to get engaged in some real life things that didn’t allow me to continue its marathon. But I’ll make sure to watch it very soon. May be this month itself. I love workplace dramas if done well. And Dalja’s Spring surely fits that bill. Continue reading