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First thing first. I haven’t dropped the mini-recaps for You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin. It’s just that I haven’t watched the episodes for this week yet and as soon as I watch them, I’ll be recapping it. Yes, the interest has plummeted a bit, thanks to all unnecessary and excessive time spent on characters I care less about, and toning down the cuteness and romance, the main thing I look forward to every week. Okay, it is a long weekend drama and so I can bear with it, but still….

Anyways, I am posting some random behind the scenes stills, which look cute enough to make my day. We can clearly see the camaraderie and feel-good atmosphere between the actors. As for the onscreen part, I’m glad and surprised at the same time that the birth secret (I know, this word looks more sarcastic and hilarious these days as it has got the first prize for the utterly typical drama cliché) is known to everyone and that literally means everybody as it has gone public. So now I am eager to see how the plot and drama will unfold for us. Hopefully, lots of romance and fun and no more angst and needless situations. I am loving all the love stories of the three sisters and the chemistry between each of the couple is great!! And my favorites are Jo Jung Suk (I am not biased!!), Go Joo Won as the perfect gentleman (swoon) and Jung Woo with his brilliant portrayal of the funny Jin Wook. ENJOY 😀1 2 3 4