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Two Weeks is among the dramas I’m eagerly waiting for this year, the others being Master’s Sun, Heirs and Answer Me 1994. There are several reasons for it. Firstly, I love thrillers of man-on-the-run-and-trying-to-prove-himself-innocent premise. It has been used several times but still has the power to captivate us if done well with fast speed, gripping direction and intelligence. And what makes it special in this drama context is that our hero has only two weeks time frame to prove himself not-guilty and also to save his little daughter suffering from leukaemia, about whom he was not aware till recently. Her mother is his ex-girlfriend and he is being chased by prosecutors and assassins alike. See, there are so many chances of nail-biting tension and ‘ on the edge of your seats’ potential with enough room for high stakes and emotional depth. Count me in!!

The other reason is the cast: although I have only My Girl as the watching experience with respect to Lee Jun Ki, I like him a lot and his boyish charm is still there after so many years. He rocks in the stills for the show and it’s refreshing to see him in modern look as we had seen him in the historical persona in his last drama, fantasy sageuk Arang And The Magistrate. Park Ha Sun is one of my favorite heroines and she is graceful and charming. Rest of the cast is new for me that includes Kim So Yeon and Ryu Soo Young. The poster and stills give the action-thriller mood of the show which comes from the writer of 49 days and last year’s rating king My Daughter Seo Young.

Two Weeks will premiere in early August after The Queen’s Classroom wraps up on MBC, taking over the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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