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This is perfect!! So many stars in a movie and that includes two of my favorites!! Let me just calm down for a bit…..okay so the upcoming sageuk film The Face Reader has assembled some of the very hot actors: Lee Jung Jae, Song Kang Ho, Jo Jung Suk :), Lee Jong Suk :), Kim Hye Soo and Baek Yoon ShikThe movie is about a gifted face reader (Song Kang Ho (The Good, the Bad, the Weird)) who tells fortune based on facial features using physiognomy. Jo Jung Suk (You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin) plays his assistant and Lee Jong Suk is his son. Lee Jung Jae (The Housemaid) wants to become the king but he is the Grand Prince and his twelve-year-old nephew is the King. The face reader is called to the royal court to predict whether he will be the king or not. Kim Hye Soo (God Of The Workplace) is in the role of a top gisaeng while Baek Yoon Shik (Bravo, My Life) is the general who opposes the Grand Prince.

Well, the movie sounds very different and intriguing and looks like a comic take on the power struggle between the one who wants to attain the throne and the general who opposes it with the blend of the face reader to make things more hilarious and interesting. I like movies that have so many stars and each contributing to the total quality of the film. The Face Reader looks like it fits that bill and I’m eagerly waiting for it. The presence of Lee Jong Suk (who is stealing hearts with his current drama I Hear Your Voice, except mine as he already did with School 2013 😉 ) and Jo Jung Suk (who is always a scene stealer) makes this film all the more special to me.

The Face Reader hits the theatres this September. Check out the posters which look very eccentric and funny.

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