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Ha Jung Woo mostly, well, always acts in movies and the last drama he did was H.I.T. and that came in 2007. That means that he is not an actor I follow apart from the news bites I read about his movies. Because I’m wholeheartedly a drama person when it comes to K Entertainment, although I started this path with a movie only (which was My Little Bride). I don’t know but my interest and love (lots of) for  movies all goes to Indian and Hollywood ones. And that is probably the reason why I have yet to start and finish the seven-eight Korean movies I have, but still that goes on postponing.

Anyways, Ha Jung Woo will be seen in the action thriller movie The Terror Live, which is releasing today, i.e. , August 1. It is a story about a radio news anchor who gets a call from a terrorist who informs him about the attacks he is planning on the city. At first, our hero thinks that he will get a big story for the news but later as the reality sinks in, he has to deal with the threat on his life as the terrorist will talk to him only.

The movie sounds like it will be full of suspense, thrills and nail-biting tension. These kind of stories have been used a lot but they always are fun if you want to enjoy a nice thriller, full of battle game of brain and words between the good guy and the bad guy. Check out the stills for the movie.

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