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Finally after lots of reports regarding the upcoming time travel drama Mi Rae’s Choice aka Future’s Choice (Mi Rae=Future) starting from Jung Yong Hwa in talks to join the show, then Yoon Eun Hye considering it and finally Lee Dong Gun also being courted for the show, we have the confirmation that all the three stars have joined the show which will follow Good Doctor on KBS taking over the Monday-Tuesday slot.

I like all the leads and although I’m a fan of Jung Yong Hwa, I admit that his acting requires loads of improvement but I like him nevertheless for incomprehensible reasons. One can say it’s because he is the part of my darling drama You’re Beautiful or I like him with Park Shin Hye (who happens to be one of my favorites) or he was really sweet with his soft smiles in You’ve Fallen For Me or he is an awesome singer. All these things and I still want Lee Dong Gun to be the main lead as he is a very good and experienced actor and I’m happy that he is making his drama comeback after five years. Yoon Eun Hye was last seen in tear-jerker melo Missing You, which I never had the intention to watch. She was great in Goong and Coffee Prince, which accounts for my interest in her. I also love the fact that all the three actors are singers as well. Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Goon have actually done a duet together for a CF a few years back.

Mi Rae’s Choice stars Yoon Eun Hye in the titular role of Mi Rae, a bright and cheerful call-center worker who one day meets her future self. She takes advice from this future Mi Rae and tries to improve the way she lives. Lee Dong Gun plays a strict but principled lead announcer of a broadcasting station and Jung Yong Hwa stars as a VJ returned from abroad after studying. Actually, he is the grandson of the CEO of the broadcast network and is working undercover as a regular cameraman. So that sets the story of the show that is helmed by the PD who did shows like Crime Squad and Bad Love and the drama comes from the writer who penned the terrific The King 2 Hearts.

I’m adding Mi Rae’s Choice in the list of shows I have planned to watch in the rest of 2013 but actually with so many dramas lined up for premiere in October (which is when Mi Rae’s Choice also starts), I’m in over my head to accommodate so many shows on my schedule that also demands the real life commitments. Well, let’s see how I’ll manage.

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