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Anyone who is watching Master’s Sun has one thing in common: they LOVE the chemistry between So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin, who make it hard for me to search for more words from my lexicon to describe their great rapport. What I love in the show is that our OTP is not outright bickering, neither it’s sugar-coated sweet. They have a pitch perfect balance between the two things and it’s great to see them accepting their growing attraction, if not completely. I loved all of their scenes this week (episodes 7 and 8): the telescope one, when they sit beside the pool, the twist in the usual makeover theme, the whole ‘limited area for touching’ thing and lastly the scene where Joong-won asks Gong-shil to protect him. I also liked the simultaneous depiction of the three couples: the main leads, the second leads and the side characters. And that brings me to say that I’m starting to enjoy the second leads Kang Woo and Yi Ryung together, and despite their running scene mirrored the Jang Geun Suk-UEE scene from You’re Beautiful, it was still very cute and I hope they have their own love line. Adding to that, Secretary Kim is just so awesome as he is acting as a cupid for our love birds. SO.CUTE. It is more effective because I’ve seen the actor (Choi Jung Woo) play mostly negative roles and this time, I’m just amused and glad to see him in an entirely different character.

So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin share the same warmth off-screen as well, which is pretty evident from the behind-the-scenes stills of Master’s Sun. And we can see that they are totally enjoying working in this breezy and sweet show. It is not as fast paced as Hong Sisters‘ other shows, but still absolutely engaging with a soothing soundtrack to make it mesmerizing. These two just light up my screen!! And yay that the show is garnering high ratings as well. Not that it matters to me but I’m happy for the cast and crew.

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