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The music of Master’s Sun adds a lot in creating its moody, breezy and mesmerizing atmosphere that is just perfect for its romantic setting. I have always liked the OSTs of Hong Sisters dramas and that thing also applies here. The background score and songs just jazz up the whole feel between the leads as they are falling in love. And let me grab this chance to write about my new-found crush and it is none other than So Ji Sub. He is cute, hot, handsome, sweet, romantic; all at the same time. I always swooooon whenever he appears on the screen. I’m just tickled pink in his scenes with costar Gong Hyo Jin. And although the kiss didn’t really happen, I loved his expressions after that, so romantically dizzy.

So, I was talking about the soundtrack and as I like all the numbers, I have divided the Master’s Sun OST post into different parts. This one is my most favorite tune, the song is Driving Me Crazy by Hyo Rin of Sistar. It’s very soothing and oozes calmness just like a wind blowing in a peaceful night. It is a richly melodious and lovely ballad and gradually increases the impact echoing the development of feelings between our OTP. I have embedded a random MV of the song, enjoy 🙂

Driving Me Crazy by Hyo Rin