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After Heirs, the drama I’m most excited about for the remaining year of 2013 is Answer Me 1994, the follow-up drama to last year’s hit cable show Answer Me 1997 and the one I loved to pieces. It had so much heart and beautifully showcased love, friendships and family. There is no connection between the two installments in terms of story except that both speak about the 90s. Answer Me 1994 will be obviously set in the early 90s, particularly 1994 and will depict the social trends, basketball and pop idol culture (Seo Taiji and the Boys) of that time; which I would love to know about as I’m always a curious being when it comes to knowing about various cultures and I get to know how it differs from my world. I admit that I have a vague memory of 1994, still the nostalgic feel of that time remains. You know, the cassettes, hair styles, clothes, cell-phone-free times, walkman, limited computers, everything.

Answer Me 1994 is produced by the same team as that of its predecessor and stars mom and dad (Lee Il Hwa and Sung Dong Il) from it as well. Here they will be playing the boardinghouse owners where Jung Woo (You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin) and Yoo Yeon Seok (Gu Family Book) live. Go Ara (Who Are You) plays their daughter and the good news is that the show is based on college life. YAY. The drama also stars Sohn Ho Joon (Wish), Baro (of KPOP group B1A4), Min Do Hee (of KPOP group Tiny-G) and Kim Sung Kyun (Secretly, Greatly) and the posters look great, marked with all the accessories vis-a-vis 1994.

Answer Me 1994 will premiere on October 18 on tvN and will have a new slot of Friday-Saturday. I’m as keen as mustard for its arrival on my screen.



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