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It was a dream, right? RIGHT? I mean the drama can’t kill its main hero. And I have some genuine reasons to support my theory. Firstly, Master’s Sun is a romantic comedy. Secondly, we still have 4 more episodes left and if we are to believe that he is in spirit form now, then as he already bid goodbye to Gong-shil, why will he remain for the leftover part. I think the writers only used that trope to form a good cliffhanger and they succeeded. Cent percent. You can just see the number of comments over at Dramabeans in the recap post for episode 12. LOL. It surely raised the emotional tide for the viewers. I really felt sad when he took the blow for her but thinking about the aforementioned judgement and knowing beforehand that there is gonna be a big twist, it didn’t come as a complete shocker. But yeah, I was on pins and needles speculating about the possible twist till I watched the episode myself. Everybody is having various notions regarding the ending and we’ll have to wait tillllllll next Wednesday to find the result.

The ending aside, I think the two episodes were adorable like always. I loved Joong-won for all his small and big gestures and personal growth. And he looked so cute while reading that book. I think So Ji Sub is doing an outstanding job in Master’s Sun and he is my new Kdrama love. And to just cheer up all the fans, here is one more number from the Master’s Sun OST called Touch Love by T Yoon Mi Rae. It is a cute song with tunes that seem as if someone is whispering sweet nothings in our ears. The song had a great impact in one of the scenes involving Kang-woo and Yi-ryung when she is surrounded by a swarm of fans and he takes her hand and they run. I loved that scene.

Touch Love by T Yoon Mi Rae.