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*drum rolls*

FINALLY!! I assumed that Heirs (or The Inheritors aka He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown Endure Its Weight: Heirs) will be dropping all the individual stills for all the actors involved first and then we’ll move onto the other batch. But the show just dropped the first couple shots from the drama and here I’m having a big smile from ear to ear. Oh, I still can’t believe that I’m seeing Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, both my Kdrama loves, together in the same drama. It’s like a dream come true in terms of drama casting. Lee Min Ho stars as the super rich heir of Empire Group and Park Shin Hye plays the daughter of Empire Group’s housekeeper. And I’m not expecting anything out of the box here as far as the synopsis is concerned but I know I’ll be watching the show solely because of the leads and the supporting cast (where I like most of the people). I’ll be with Heirs till its end even when it performs underwhelmingly as when will I get the chance again to watch two of my most favorite actors romancing for twenty hours.

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye look good together in the stills where I think he is drunk or something by the way he is clinging onto her and she is having this surprised expression. One thing I’m really liking about this Kim Eun Sook drama (the writer of Secret Garden and A Gentleman’s Dignity) is that everyone is styled decently without overdoing in making either the person super show-off kind of rich or making the leading lady utterly weird with weird hairdo and dresses. I like the casual and normal look sported by the entire cast.

Like I mentioned before, Park Shin Hye always manages to make me take the journey of love with her romances. I feel giddy with enjoyment and excitement, my heart flutters and I feel butterflies. If I had to give the ranking, from top, it would be You’ve Fallen For Me, then You’re Beautiful and then Flower Boy Next Door. She always brings heart to her love stories and warmth as well. I agree that the sizzling factor is toned down but I’ve no problems as far as I’m convinced that the characters are falling in love and I’m wholeheartedly invested in it. As for the leading man Lee Min Ho, he had great chemistry with Park Min Young in City Hunter but the rapport was almost one-sided in Boys Before Flowers (all on his part). He is of course very charismatic and scene stealer always and I’m sure both the stars will have an awesome chemistry in Heirs (or so I hope).

I can’t judge or conclude based on a few pictures and I’ll wait for the drama to show how they act together. So far, they look lovely. Heirs starts airing from 9 October on SBS.

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